About Us

Harrow Law Centre opened on 12 April 2010 andĀ came about as a result of individuals within the community taking it upon themselves to establish a Legal Charity to assist disadvantaged groups. The impetus was a reaction from the community against what was seen as the injustice that many in the community have in accessing specialist legal services.

The model chosen was a dynamic, not for profit organisation that would operate reactively by providing advice, and proactively through education, social policy/influencing and test case litigation. It is a model that the private sector is unable to replicate as many of the functions are non-profit making. It is also better able to undertake these roles as it is rooted within the community and accountable to it. We draw on and channel the additional support and enthusiasm offered by many individuals and organisation across Harrow.

We are members of the Law Centres Federation and therefore part of a larger framework whereby we have to meet certain quality standards.

OurĀ  service dovetails with the existing generalist and specialist services provided by organisations such as the local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau), as well as with local solicitors firms.


Mr Cyril Denemont (Chair), Ms Anne Whitehead, Dr Ben Lucas. Mr Adam Convisser


Director Ms Pamela Fitzpatrick

Solicitors Ms Liz Dann (Housing)

Others Ms Jo Silcox (Benefits Advisor),

We hope you are happy with our service but if you feel it necessary to make a complaint, please see attached our complaints procedure:

Complaints Policy & Procedure 10_12_15