In addition to our team of solicitors, Harrow Law Centre employs a Housing Campaigner and Community Organiser, Jackson Caines.

Jackson’s work involves helping Harrow tenants living in poor-quality housing to fight for better conditions. He encourages tenants to take a collective approach to resolving their problems, working with their neighbours to put pressure on their landlord and/or Harrow Council to take action.

There are a number of ways Jackson can assist tenants with campaigning efforts. These include: 

  • Helping tenants get organised via WhatsApp groups 
  • Facilitating tenant group meetings in person or online 
  • Creating social media accounts and online campaigns
  • Working with public health and policy experts
  • Contacting journalists who can amplify tenants’ voices in local and national media 
  • Seeking the support of local politicians and the public 

In addition to helping tenants fight to improve their own immediate conditions, Jackson encourages them to participate in broader campaigning to improve housing in Harrow, for example by pressuring the Council to strengthen its policies and take consistent action against landlords failing to comply with their legal obligations.

Contact our Housing Campaigner at if:

  • You are a tenant in a housing block with problems affecting multiple residents (e.g. damp and mould, faulty lifts, poor management)
  • Poor housing is affecting your physical or mental health
  • You want to show solidarity with Harrow tenants by campaigning for improved housing conditions in the borough

For examples of our recent campaign work, please see the News and Updates page.